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Turning 65 within the next year? 

     There is a lot to consider: a specific timeline, a certain process, and many choices to be made when deciding which Medicare plan and company to enroll with. The last thing you want to do is miss your opportunity to enroll, or choose a plan that isn't right for you. One of the best things you can do is to sit down with a licensed agent and take your time going over what needs to be done and which route is best to take. 

     The time frame: Medicare gives you 7 months to enroll in parts A and B. Those months consist of the month of your birth, three months prior, and three months after. So a person born on June 13, 1952 has March 1 - September 30 to enroll. If enrollment happens outside of that window there may be financial penalties. 

     The process: In order to purchase a Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement health plan, you must first be enrolled in parts A and B. We always recommend enrolling in those as soon as possible. For the case above, the best time to start is March 1. Once the Medicare identification card has been received, that's when enrollment into a specific health plan can occur. We can always discuss with you the plan options and go over the process with you while we are waiting for your Medicare card to arrive. 

     The decision: Every case is different, which means we don't recommend one specific solution to everyone. What we offer is a solution to each person's specific needs. You have to consider what you medical needs are, which medications you take, what doctors you see, and how often you travel outside of the state. 

     Our services: We like to spend two, possibly three, meetings with our clients who are turning 65 in the coming months. The first meeting is to get you enrolled in Medicare parts A and B and to go over the different options you have available to you. We like to educate you on both Advantage plans and Supplement plans, even if you're leaning one way or the other. It's our goal to make sure you understand everything completely before you make such an important decision. At the end of the first meeting you will have a pretty good knowledge of which plan you're going with. But it isn't until the second meeting that we complete your application. This way you've had time to discuss with family and friends what you would like to do, and have the opportunity to ask more questions as the arise.